Disaster Plan for Your Community Businesses

  1. Establish a clear chain of command and communication for you and your employees in the case of an emergency.
  2. Set priorities regarding what your business could not operate without, and what must be back online first.
  3. Establish a back-up plan for your business services (power company, shippers and suppliers, internet provider, etc.)
  4. Get disaster insurance and have a clear understanding of what it covers.
  5. Determine how long your business could exist during a prolonged closure (paying creditors, employees, etc.)
  6. Explore your options for off-site storage of crucial documents and replacement equipment.
  7. Diversifying your customer base isn’t just good business, it’s a good disaster protection plan.
  8. Analyze what resources you have and what kind of resources you need in an emergency to get back to business (human capital, financial savings, temporary business location, etc.)
  9. Get involved in the community-wide plan. Contact your local emergency planning services to determine what they can do for you and what you can do for them.
  10. Write down all important information in your emergency plan, be sure to train employees and your family on the plan. Make copies.