About Us

 In 1984 a sales tax was passed to provide Fire Protection to the citizens of St. John the Baptist Parish. This involved a department of all volunteer firefighters. Another sales tax was passed in 2004 to establish a paid department. This tax made an ability for people to choose between being a volunteer or paid firefighter. Our department consists of 47 career firefighters and 57 volunteer firefighters. We have 17 stations Parish wide, with 6 of them being manned 24 hours. The Department provides additional services to all in the community such as, attending Birthday Parties, installing smoke detectors, and putting on Fire Prevention’s for schools & organizations. Our services go beyond just firefighting though, we also are trained to perform in medical and rescue situations. Our trucks are always equipped with medical and rescue gear to help those in need. Volunteers have plenty of opportunities to be involved such as, spending time at the stations with career personnel, attending training, and helping out with Events and Fire Prevention’s. Volunteers are also welcome to help out on calls, once they have completed the sufficient amount of training hours.


We accept applications for both career and volunteer firefighters. To apply for a career position, a civil service test score is needed. To take a test, please go to the Office of State Examiner’s website, which is listed below. This website provides all the information needed to take a civil service test. Once a test score is received there is also a general application on the same website to apply for our department. To apply for a volunteer position, simply contact the office and ask for an application.

Office of State Examiner’s Website:                                                                Career Application:                                                         Volunteer Application:

    http://ose.louisiana.gov/                                                                               Application                                                           Volunteer Application